C.W. Park, USC Lawsuit: A Saga of Alleged Sexual Assault and University Negligence

In the blessed lobbies of the scholarly world, where information and honesty are vital, charges of sexual wrongdoing cast a long and upsetting shadow. The C.W. Park, USC claim, recorded in 2021, uncovered a progression of upsetting allegations against Choong Whan Park, a tenured teacher at the Marshall Institute of Business at the College of Southern California. The claim, recorded by a previous USC understudy, affirmed that Park had taken part in an example of lewd behavior and attack over a three-year time frame.

A Trail of Allegations

The lawsuit painted a disturbing picture of Park’s alleged behavior, accusing him of making unwanted sexual advances, groping the student, and attempting to force himself on her. The student also alleged that Park had created a hostile learning environment, making her feel uncomfortable and unsafe in his presence.

USC’s Response and Internal Investigation

In response to the lawsuit, USC issued a statement denying any knowledge of Park’s alleged behavior prior to the filing of the complaint. The university also initiated an internal investigation into the matter.

The Investigation’s Findings

The findings of USC’s internal investigation remained confidential, but the university did take action against Park. In June 2021, Park was placed on leave, and in August 2021, he retired from USC.

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The Lawsuit’s Progression

The lawsuit against Park continued to move forward, with the plaintiff seeking damages for emotional distress and lost wages. In October 2021, three additional women came forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against Park. These allegations were not included in the original lawsuit, but they were brought to the attention of USC during the university’s internal investigation.

The University’s Accountability

The C.W. Park, USC lawsuit raised important questions about the university’s handling of allegations of sexual misconduct. Critics argued that USC had failed to adequately address the allegations against Park, allowing him to continue teaching and interacting with students for years.

The Impact on USC’s Community

The lawsuit had a profound impact on the USC community, creating a climate of fear and uncertainty among students. Many students felt that the university had not done enough to protect them from potential predators.


The C.W. Park, USC, lawsuit is a complex and troubling case that highlights the challenges of addressing sexual misconduct allegations in academic settings. It also raises important questions about the responsibilities of universities to ensure the safety of their students. As institutions of higher learning, universities have a moral and legal obligation to create a safe and inclusive environment for all students.

FAQ of C.W. Park, USC lawsuit

  • Who is C.W. Park? C.W. Park is a former tenured professor at the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California.

  • What is the C.W. Park, USC, lawsuit about? The lawsuit alleges that Park engaged in a pattern of sexual harassment and assault against a former USC student.

  • What was the outcome of USC’s internal investigation? The findings of the investigation remained confidential, but Park was placed on leave and then retired from USC.

  • What are the implications of the C.W. Park, USC lawsuit? The lawsuit raises important questions about the university’s handling of allegations of sexual misconduct and its responsibility to protect its students.

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