Pooh in Korea: A YouTube Channel That Shows the Life of an Indian-Italian Girl in Korea

Have you ever wondered what it is like to live in Korea as a foreigner? If you are interested in learning more about the culture, food, and daily life of Korea, you might want to check out Pooh in Korea, a YouTube channel that shows the experiences of an Indian-Italian girl who lives in Korea. Pooh in Korea is a popular and entertaining vlogger who shares her stories, opinions, and tips on various topics related to Korea. We will tell you more about who Pooh in Korea is, what kind of videos she makes, and why you should watch her channel.

Who is Pooh in Korea?

Pooh in Korea is the online name of Poonam Naruka, a 23-year-old girl who was born in India and grew up in Italy. She moved to Korea in 2018 to study Korean language and culture at Seoul National University. She started her YouTube channel in 2019 to document her life in Korea and to share it with her friends and family. Since then, she has gained more than 3.6 million subscribers and over 300 million views on her channel.

Pooh in Korea is a cheerful, friendly, and adventurous person who loves to try new things and meet new people. She is also a talented singer and songwriter who has released her own songs and covers on her channel. She speaks four languages: Hindi, Italian, English, and Korean. She also has a cute dog named Mongmong who often appears in her videos.

What kind of videos does Pooh in Korea make?

Pooh in Korea makes various kinds of videos that show different aspects of her life in Korea. Some of the categories of her videos are:

  • Food: Pooh in Korea loves to eat and explore different kinds of Korean food, from street food to convenience store food to traditional dishes. She also likes to cook and bake at home and share her recipes with her viewers. Some of her popular food videos are “CVS Gold Food Challenge”, “I ate only Korean food for 24 hours”, and “Making Indian food for my Korean friends”.
  • Culture: Pooh in Korea likes to learn and experience different aspects of Korean culture, such as festivals, holidays, traditions, customs, and etiquette. She also likes to compare and contrast Korean culture with Indian and Italian culture. Some of her popular culture videos are “I wore black sari for the first time in Korea”, “I saw BTS V lookalike in Busan”, and “BTS Jungkook birthday celebration in Korea”.
  • Daily life: Pooh in Korea likes to share her daily life activities and routines with her viewers, such as shopping, working, studying, traveling, dating, and more. She also likes to show her interactions with her friends, family, boyfriend, and strangers. Some of her popular daily life videos are “My life story”, “Last day of work and snow in Korea”, and “Shopping challenge with my best friend”.
  • Music: Pooh in Korea likes to sing and make music as a hobby and passion. She has released her own original songs and covers on her channel, such as “Dil Churane Lage Ho”, “Female Version”, and “My Birthday Vlog + New Song Parents Reaction”. She also likes to collaborate with other singers and musicians on her channel.

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Why should you watch Pooh in Korea?

There are many reasons why you should watch Pooh in Korea’s videos, such as:

  • They are informative and educational. By watching Pooh in Korea’s videos, you can learn a lot about Korea and its culture, food, language, history, and more. You can also learn some useful tips and tricks on how to live or travel in Korea as a foreigner.
  • They are entertaining and funny. By watching Pooh in Korea’s videos, you can enjoy her humor, personality, and charm. You can also laugh at her funny moments, reactions, and expressions. You can also relate to her struggles, challenges, and achievements.
  • They are inspiring and motivational. By watching Pooh in Korea’s videos, you can admire her courage, confidence, and creativity. You can also see how she pursues her dreams, goals, and passions. You can also feel encouraged by her positive attitude, optimism, and gratitude.


Pooh in Korea is a YouTube channel that shows the life of an Indian-Italian girl who lives in Korea. She makes various kinds of videos that show different aspects of her life in Korea, such as food, culture, daily life, and music. She also shows her personality, style, and values through her videos. Her videos are informative, entertaining, inspiring, and motivational for anyone who is interested in Korea or wants to live or travel there. You can watch her videos on YouTube or follow her on Instagram. You can also support her by subscribing to her channel, liking her videos, or leaving comments. By watching Pooh in Korea, you can learn more about Korea and enjoy her adventures.

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