UOBAM Invest: A Smart and Simple Way to Grow Your Business

What is UOBAM Invest?

UOBAM Invest is a digital investment service launched by UOB Asset Management (UOBAM), one of the leading fund houses in Malaysia and the region. It is designed to make investing simple, smart and safe for businesses of all sizes and industries.

UOBAM Invest offers two features for corporate investors: Digital Adviser and Fund Direct.

Digital Adviser

Digital Adviser is a robo-advisory service that provides customized investment portfolios based on your business goals, risk appetite and time horizon. You can choose from three types of portfolios: Conservative, Balanced or Growth.

Digital Adviser leverages UOBAM’s proprietary screening methodology and asset allocation framework to select the best funds for your portfolio. It also monitors and rebalances your portfolio periodically to ensure optimal performance.

Fund Direct

Fund Direct is a self-directed investment platform that allows you to access a wide range of funds from UOBAM and other fund managers. You can browse, compare and invest in funds across various asset classes, geographies, sectors and themes. You can also create your own watchlist and portfolio of funds.

Fund Direct gives you the flexibility and control to invest according to your own preferences and strategies.

Why choose UOBAM Invest?

UOBAM Invest has many benefits for corporate investors, such as:

  • Simple to use: You can sign up, invest and monitor your portfolio online anytime, anywhere. You can also track all your investment records and access historical data and insights.
  • Smart investing: You can tap into the comprehensive investment capabilities of UOBAM and other fund managers. You can also benefit from UOBAM’s professional advice and guidance through Digital Adviser.
  • Safe and secure: You can enjoy peace of mind as your investments are held in trust by a reputable custodian bank. You can also access UOBAM’s customer service team for any queries or assistance.

How to get started with UOBAM Invest?

Getting started with UOBAM Invest is easy and convenient. You just need to follow these steps:

  • Register for an account on UOBAM Invest website or mobile app.
  • Complete a short questionnaire to determine your risk profile and investment objectives.
  • Choose how you want to invest: through Digital Adviser or Fund Direct.
  • Select your preferred portfolio or funds and make your initial investment.
  • Monitor your portfolio performance and make adjustments as needed.


UOBAM Invest is a simple, smart and safe way to grow your business with digital investing. Whether you are looking for a guided approach or a self-directed platform, UOBAM Invest has something for you.

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